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To: cydoniia

Title: The Hunters

To: cydoniia

From: olizashihar

Rating: PG… Maybe even G, it’s pure fluff, really… I can’t believe it… I wrote pure fluff… This comm is completely messing with the natural order of things…

Prompt(s) used: Reid Storytelling

Warnings: NONE

Author's notes: Ums… I wrote fluff… I’m still trying to get over this one… I’m sorry if it’s kind of hard to follow, but it’s kind of all laid out if you read between the lines… Also, this is a part of a potentially much longer story that I’m in the process of writing. It’ll change a little, if you see it again, but it’s the same basic premise of my story… Also, yay for pinch-hitting, I was freaking out about it, but Cydoniia gave an awesome prompt, so…

“Uncle Spence… Can you tell us a story?” Jack asked as he looked up at Spencer from the floor where he was sitting with Henry and Amanda. Amanda looked up at Reid and gave a small, smile. Reid smiled back, it’d been a tough few months, what with the team learning about Adam and Amanda, and Reid of course, but luckily it seemed that the storms had finally passed. Reid had been more than shocked when Hotch had asked him earlier that day if he minded looking after Jack that night, he was going on a case that Reid wasn’t on, with JJ and Rossi, and Jessica was out of town, he’d thought that Hotch would want to keep his son as far away from Reid as possible. He was happy for the surprise though, and when JJ had come over a little later and asked if Reid could watch Henry because Will was sick he’d jumped at the chance. Amanda was ecstatic to see the kids, of course, but she loved children, so it wasn’t really a surprise.

“Yeah, Spence, tell us a story.” Amanda said with a laugh. Reid gave her a mild glare, which just made her laugh more. Reid couldn’t really be mad at her, not now that they could at least see the kids again, after spending so much time looking after them when JJ was sick and after Haley’s death together, having Hotch and JJ not let them see the boys had been rough, he hadn’t even noticed how much the kids had become part of his life with Adam and Amanda until they were taken away.

As he thought that he couldn’t help shaking his head and smiling slightly, remembering how Hotch had had to explain the Reid effect to people with dogs or kids when they were on a case. It hadn’t been that long ago that kids started crying when he was around, and now he was the go-to babysitter for the BAU.

“STORY!” Henry shouted as he jumped up and down in place before he climbed onto the couch with Reid. Reid laughed quietly and let Henry climb into his lap, Henry, who was going to celebrate his third birthday in only a few weeks, had more energy than anyone. Reid wrapped an arm loosely around Henry, so he didn’t go jumping around and fall, and Jack and Amanda joined him on the couch, Jack sitting next to him on the couch and Amanda settled in behind her. Reid laid his head back on her shoulder for a moment, and she wrapped her arms around his waist, drawing him back against her firm chest. Reid scooted back so he was sitting fully in Amanda’s embrace, Jack scooted forward so he could still lean against Reid’s knee, luckily not his bad knee, and Henry settled against Reid’s chest and looked up at Reid. “Story.”

“Alright, story… What kind of story do you want?” Reid asked.

“A good one.” Henry retorted, as if it was the most obvious answer in the world. Although, Reid rationalized, maybe to a three year old that was a rational choice, he wouldn’t know, he’d never been a normal three year old, luckily, though, his godson was.

“Right… Well… A story… Let me think of one… Have you two ever heard the story of the Hunters?” Spencer asked after a moment. Jack and Henry both shook their heads.

“Are the Hunters bad?” Jack asked after a second his mild, quiet voice drawing Reid’s attention immediately. Reid wouldn’t admit it, but Jack reminded Reid of himself every once and a while, he was quiet when he was a kid too, and Reid had the feeling that Jack was growing up faster than any of them really realized. He was a lot calmer than most other kids his age, and quiet, which was a little abnormal. Even so, he was a great kid, always helpful, before the team found out about Amanda and Adam whenever Henry and Jack were over together Jack acted just like an older brother, he’d take Henry to wash his hands for dinner, make sure that he didn’t have a nightmare, it’s why he insisted on staying in the same room with Henry even though he could have slept in the spare room, he’d even gone into the kitchen, grabbed the first-aid kit, and put a bandage on Henry when he fell down and scraped his knee. Reid had a feeling that Hotch had been just like Jack when he was a kid.

“No, the Hunters are good guys. They live in Marrort, which is a kingdom on the planet Zellem.” Reid said, making up names as he went.

“What do the hunters do?” Henry asked.

“They hunt bad guys, people who used evil magic to hurt the other people around them. The Hunters that I’m talking about are a special type of hunters, an elite team, made specifically to track down these specific type of bad guy.” Reid retorted with a small smile. Amanda tensed slightly and Reid knew that she had finally picked up on the fact that he was telling a story about the team.

“How many Hunters are there?”

“Well, there are seven people on the team, each with a super power that makes them better at their job. Their leader is… Strife, he has the power to make people tell the truth, no matter what. Strife’s best friend is named… Marrow, and he was one of the original Hunters, he has the power to sense the thoughts of the people around him, he can’t read them, just know basically what someone is thinking.” Reid stated, the kids just looked at him quizzically. Reid sighed, alright, so maybe it was a little over their heads, but it wouldn’t do to be imprecise.

“Next is Lang, she has the ability to speak any language and adapt to any culture automatically. One of her two best friends is Jove, who has the ability of speech, when she speaks everyone listens to her and believes that she’s right.

“Local is also on the team, and Lang’s other best friend, a bruiser, he has super-strength, he tends to be the one who tackles the bad guys when things get messy.” Reid explained. Amanda laughed quietly against his neck but Jack and Henry just looked enthralled.

“The second to last two member of the team is named Oracle. She has the ability to go through information at an unheard of speed and relays it back to the team, she doesn’t often go out into the field with the team, but she’s able to communicate with them all the time.” Reid explained.

“And the last member of the team is called Light. He’s the coolest member of the team, and has an awesome power.” Amanda said. It was Reid’s turn to tense, he looked back at her and she just smiled and placed a gentle kiss against the side of Reid’s head.

“What’s his power? Does he get to fly?”

“Something even better. Oracle is just able to go through information and relay it back, but Light can actually understand all the information he sees.” Amanda told the boys with a large smile.


“That’s cool!”

“It does come in handy on the Hunter’s cases.” Reid agreed with a small smile. He looked back down at the kids. “Do you want to hear about a mission that the Hunters went out on?”

“YEAH!” Both of the boys shouted enthusiastically.

“Alright, well… The case that they were given was to bring in a bad guy who was casting an evil spell on the men of a certain town. On the day that the Hunters arrived in the town where the bad magic was, Mettel, another man was cursed, and the cursed man was found by a young man, a Prince, and his Guardian.” Reid explained.

“A Prince?”

“Yes, a Prince, Jack, and his Guardian. The prince was quiet and nice and helpful towards the Hunters. The Guardian was more wary, it was her task to keep the Prince safe, but she didn’t like hurting people, she only did it when it was necessary, like Local, he only used his super strength when he had to, and the Guardian was the same way, she’d only use her power to protect her Prince.” Reid explained.

“What was the Guardian’s power?”

“Well, the Guardian had the ability to tell good from evil, she could sense it, and she knew that something was afoul in her town, and surrounding the Prince, it was why she was so worried the entire time, she thought the Prince was in danger.”

“What about the Prince, what can he do?” Jack asked.

“The Prince is able to bring happiness to those around him. It was why the Guardian was so worried, because the Prince is so good that all the pain around him was making him sad.”

“What happened?”

“Well, you see, the Hunters were suspicious, the Prince and his Guardian lived close to where all of the men were being cursed, and the Prince, although helpful, was cast under suspicion because of his association with the Guardian. The Guardian tried to make everything better, but the Hunters decided that the spell was being cast by the pair.”

“Was it? Was it the Prince’s and the Guardian’s fault? But… but they seem nice.” Jack murmured.

“No, Jack, it wasn’t the Prince or the Guardian. The Guardian tried to give herself up, to leave the Prince out of danger, but the Hunters took both of them in as bad guys.”

“But they weren’t bad guys!”

“I know, Henry, they weren’t bad guys. But the Hunters were worried about the people that they were trying to protect, and everything seemed to make it obvious that the Prince and the Guardian were the bad guys.”

“But, the Hunter Light didn’t accept the rest of the Hunters ideas. He thought that maybe the Prince and the Guardian really hadn’t done it. He spent all his time looking at the case over and over again, and finally, after a while, the Prince and his Guardian were released because of Light’s persistence.” Amanda said quietly. Reid shivered against her, but neither of the kids seemed to notice. Reid wondered if Amanda was going to talk to him after this, about what he’d said, after all, he wasn’t sure that telling the kids the story of Amanda and Reid’s meeting, even shrouded in such a story, was something she would like.

“That was nice of Light…” Jack said with a small smile.

“It was nice of Light, and, soon after the Hunters caught the person who had really been casting those evil spells on the men in that town, with the Guardian and Light, and especially the Prince’s help.” Amanda said with a smile.

“Yes, they did. But the story isn’t done yet. You see, Light loved the Prince and his Guardian, so, after the Prince and the Guardian were released from the magical stasis that they had been put in when they were suspected of their crime they went to live with him in his house.

“And now the Guardian doesn’t just protect the Prince, but Light too. And now, when Light goes out on a case with the other Hunters the Prince and the Guardian are always there when he gets back, keeping him safe from all of the bad guys who the Hunters still haven’t caught.”

“So they’re together now? And happy? I’m happy that they’re happy.” Jack said with a smile.

“They’re not just happy, Jack, they’re ecstatic. You see, Light and the Prince and the Guardian get to be together all the time, and that’s what they like, being together. Light’s job is hard, and sometimes he don’t like his job too much, but then he go back home and the Prince and the Guardian make him happy and remind him why he does their job, so other people like the Prince and the Guardian aren’t put in magical stasis when they didn’t do anything wrong.

“And Light and the Prince and the Guardian, and the rest of the Hunters, but mostly those three, lived…” Reid prompted with a smile.

“Happily ever after!” Henry and Jack both exclaimed.

“Right. And now, I think it’s time for some boys to go up to bed.” Reid said with a small laugh as he detangled himself from Amanda and stood, holding Henry as he went. Jack jumped up from the couch and started up the stairs.

After a quick change into pajamas and a good night kiss from Amanda and Reid, the boys were tucked into the pair of double beds Reid and Amanda had moved into their apartment almost a year ago, after having Henry and Jack spend the night a dozen or so times. Luckily, the kid’s room, which used to be Amanda and Adam’s room, back when they hadn’t been together, had been easily converted into the boy’s rooms.

“The Prince?” Adam’s quiet voice asked as Reid was changing into pajamas in the room that they shared. He looked over at Adam, stretched out on his side of the bed, already dressed for bed. He hadn’t noticed the shift, usually he did, they walked differently and moved differently after all, and most of the time he was so tuned to them that he could tell when Amanda let control go to Adam or Adam let control go to Amanda, it was a useful skill when your partner had DID.

“I thought it was fitting. Listen… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have told them that without checking with you first, but…” Reid said as he climbed onto the bed, rambling his apology at the comforter.

“Spencer.” Adam called as he laid his hand against Reid’s shoulder. Reid looked up at him and was mildly shocked when warm lips met his. Adam wasn’t really one to initiate physical contact. Reid melted into the kiss just in time to have Adam pull away. “I don’t mind.”


“No, actually, I liked it.”

“Really? You liked it?”

“Yeah, and I think that we should tell the story of the tales of the Hunters more often, the boys seemed to really like it. Amanda didn’t want to say anything, you know how she is, but she thought it was cute, your story, it’s why she put in the parts about you.”


“Hey, I may not know everything she’s thinking, but she’s getting better at, you know, communicating, or whatever it is that we do… She liked the story, really, we both did. And we definitely like the results.”

“I do too.” Reid retorted as he laid a quick kiss on Adam’s lips. Adam smiled as he shuffled under the covers, Reid quickly followed him and turned out the light on the bedside table. Adam curled up against Reid’s side and Reid absently wrapped an arm around Adam, running a hand through his long brown hair.

“Does this mean that the team isn’t mad at us anymore?” Adam asked after a moment.

“I think it means they’re trying. I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe Jack and Henry have been asking their parents when they can see us again, you saw how Jack was when he walked into the house, if I didn’t know better I’d say he looked smug when Hotch dropped him off.”

“He does have a devious streak.”

“He’d be a good lawyer, like his father. I just hope no one mentions that I named Hotch Strife.”

“I think ‘Local’ is going to be more mad than Strife, don’t worry.”

“I couldn’t think of anything, all the words I would associate with Hotch are not conducive to storytelling.”

“I think it’ll be fine, Spence.”

“You think so?”

“I know so.” Adam said with a small smile. He looked up at Reid as his smile widened. “You know what I liked most about the story?”

“That you and I get to live happily ever after with Amanda and the rest of the team?” Reid questioned.

“That you said you loved me.” Adam retorted.

“I do love you, Adam, you and Amanda, you know that.”

“We love you too, Spencer.” Adam murmured quietly, already fading into sleep.

Reid fell asleep with a smile on his face.
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