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Double posting to wrap things up!

olizashihar kindly enough decided to write a second story for ME, as a thank you for putting the fest up. (despite the fact that I wasn't very good at updating... *coughscoughs*)

Title: Blackouts and Candles

To: 888mph

From: olizashihar

Rating: PG, there’s some kissing, but that’s really it…

Prompt(s) used: For the cutsy ones: established relationship - Amanda is gone, Adam gets a temporary pass from hospital every 2 weeks and goes stay with Reid. Something happens (a black-out, a flood, something annoying like that) and the poor boys end up having to "socialize" with the neighbors.

Warnings: Umm… None, I’m going to say none…

Author's notes: Omgs, second pinch-hit… Oh… and… all of the random characters you see running around that you don’t recognize are mine. Yay for copious amounts of OC’s! Ohs… And thanks to whoever it was that said that I was good at fluff and I should write more… Because… FLUFF… Well… kind of fluff… some amounts of fluff… Yeah…

Adam curled up next to Spencer on the couch, pressing tight against his lover’s side. Spencer threw an arm over his shoulders, gently ruffling Adam’s hair as he did so, his eyes never leaving the television. Adam turned to watch as well, although he doubted anything would come of the weatherman’s somber prediction of severe thunderstorms, Adam had looked out the window in the bedroom before he came in to sit with Spencer, and it didn’t look too bad outside. Of course, maybe weather was different in Virginia, in Texas it would rain for ten minutes and then be fine, the only thing you had to watch for were hurricanes and the occasional stray tornado. He hadn’t been in Virginia too long, only a few months, since Reid had gotten him transferred to an institution not far from Reid’s apartment.

“It doesn’t look nearly as bad as they’re saying it is.” Adam commented after a long hesitant moment. Spencer laughed quietly.

“It’s never as bad as they say it is, Adam. The news is designed to make people worry because then more people tune in and their ratings go up, also, the current news media is catering to America’s ever shortening attention span, making the news as thrilling as possible to get as many people interested as they can. It’s capitalism at its finest.” Spencer explained with a small smile just before the lights went out, throwing the apartment into stark darkness. Adam put a hand on Spencer’s shoulder, knowing that Spencer would start to freak out without the reassurance, Adam still, sometimes, had trouble believing that Spencer didn’t like the dark. Even so, the shaky breath that Spencer let out reminded Adam that Spencer really didn’t like the dark, despite his assurance that it was really just the ‘inherent absence of light’ that really got to him.

“I’m going to go get those candles you keep in the kitchen, stay right here, I’ll be back in a second.” Adam said before he stood and slowly made his way into the kitchen, making sure not to trip over anything, happy that he could at least attempt to take care of Spencer when he needed him to. Spencer took care of Adam all the time, and he kind of liked reversing their roles, being there for Spencer instead of Spencer always being the strong one. He’d been to Spencer’s half a dozen times over the last few months, and over that time he’d grown to know Spencer’s apartment inside and out, including that he kept the candles in the second drawer to the left of the sink.

Adam found the candles; nearly the entire drawer was filled with votives. “So, why do you have so many of these little candles in here anyway?” Adam called as he grabbed the matches and took out half a dozen candles, lighting all of them. They didn’t give off much light, but they didn’t need a lot of them, just enough that Spencer wouldn’t worry.

“Morgan. He gave them to me one Christmas as a joke; it was after the team found out that I didn’t like the dark.” Spencer said as Adam walked back with three candles, he set them on the coffee table and he could see Spencer relaxing slightly against the couch as he walked into the room with light, and went back for the other three, setting one of them on the end table near the other side of the room, the second on Spencer’s desk, and the third up on one of the bookcases that lined the room, careful to keep it near the front and away from the books.

“Some joke.” Adam muttered.

“He thought it was funny, so did the team. When I didn’t laugh as enthusiastically as I should of he knew he’d done something stupid and came over later that night with my ‘actual gift’ as he called it. A book about the Second Punic War and Hannibal’s battle strategies, it was actually really interesting, and I had been talking about the Punic Wars for a few weeks before that when I was bored, I was writing a paper on it at the time, so it was nice to have the extra source material.” Reid explained with a small smile.

“Still wasn’t funny the first time.”

“Not particularly, but it was understandable coming from Morgan.”

“Better? Or should I get more?” Adam asked as he motioned to the room.

“Much, thank you. I think we’ll be fine with this many.” Spencer said with a small smile even as he looked around the room, biting his lip gently as he looked towards his door.

“What’s up?” Adam questioned as he settled next to Reid on the couch.

“I have neighbors, Adam, just wondering if all of them have candles so they’re not sitting in the dark.”

“We can bring them some candles, if you want; you have an entire drawer full.” Adam suggested, knowing that Spencer would worry until he knew that the other people on his floor were alright. That was one of the things he’d always liked most about Spencer, that he cared so much about other people.

“That’s a good idea.”

“How many of them are there anyway?”

“Five, Mrs. Johnson, Eleanor, Li-” Spencer started to say before he was cut off by a knock at the door. Spencer stood up and answered the door.

“Yes? Who is it?”

“It’s me, Peggy, from next door.” A small, frail voice called.

“Mrs. Johnson, of course, come on in.” Spencer said as he opened the door. A small, elderly woman in a nightgown and robe shuffled into the apartment.

“Oh, you do have candles, that’s lovely. I don’t have any, you see… do you think that I could stay here with you until the lights come back on?” Mrs. Johnson asked as she looked up at Spencer.

“Of course Mrs. Johnson.” Spencer said with a small smile. Adam shook his head, laughing quietly, Spencer had no backbone when it came to the people who lived in his apartment complex, in just the few times that Adam had been here Spencer had taken out garbage, help the other occupants with groceries, and fix three sinks. It was funny, how much Spencer cared about the people on his floor, Adam would have thought that, with Spencer’s hectic schedule, he’d never even talk to the other people in his apartment complex, but they seemed to have taken him under their wing, despite his odd hours.

“Why thank you, Spencer. You always were a good boy.” Mrs. Johnson said as she patted Spencer on the shoulder and shuffled farther into the apartment.

“Hello Mrs. Johnson, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Adam said as she looked up at him.

“Who are you? Are you one of Spencer’s friends? One of those ones from work?” Mrs. Johnson asked as she blinked at Adam, shuffling closer and looking up at him, squinting her eyes behind the glasses, as if she was still having trouble seeing him.

“Adam and I met through work, but he doesn’t work with me. And yes, Mrs. Johnson, he is one of my friend.” Spencer said as he walked back towards the living room where Adam and Mrs. Johnson were standing.

“Here, how about we sit down, we have plenty of seating.” Adam suggested as he took a few steps towards the couch.

“That’s a great idea, sonny. You know, this couch reminds me of the couch that my Herbert bought me. Poor old fool, he died, it’s ten years next month, did you know that?” Mrs. Johnson asked Adam as she sat down on the edge of the couch.

“I had no idea.” Adam said with a small smile.

“Good man, my Herbert, funny too. Do you know anything about the Second World War, sonny?”

“Just what they taught me in school, ma’am.” Adam retorted as another knock sounded at the door.

“Oh, who’s that? Is that Linda?” Mrs. Johnson asked as she looked around the room and then towards the door.

Spencer opened the door, standing there was a young woman, she couldn’t have been more than thirty, with a young boy, Adam would guess about five, in her arms. “Hi, Spencer, I’m sorry about this, but-”

“It’s fine, June. Do you want some candles? I have some extra, or, if you want, Mrs. Johnson is over here, you can just stay until the lights come back on. I doubt it’ll be too long.”

“Thanks, Spencer, you’re a lifesaver.”

“Don’t worry, I remember how much Tommy doesn’t like the dark. Come on in.” Spencer said as he let them into the apartment and closed the door behind them. June carried Tommy over towards the couch but stopped when she saw Adam.

“Hi. I’m Adam.” Adam said by way of introduction as he gave a short wave.

“Well hi there. I think I’ve seen you before, you were here… what, a few weeks ago, weren’t you?” June asked with a small smile as she sat down next to Mrs. Johnson on the couch, Tommy curled up in her lap, looking around the room sleepily, Adam had a feeling that when the power had gone out he’d already been asleep but June hadn’t wanted to leave him alone.

“Yeah, I was.”

“Well it’s nice to see you again.” June said, her smile growing pleasantly. Adam gave her a quick nod and small smile in return. She seemed to be a genuinely friendly person, and he could see why Spencer liked her, she was nice.

“Ms. Mills, Mrs. Brenn, come on in, everyone else is here.” Spencer’s voice said. Adam looked up quickly, he hadn’t even heard a knock at the door. An older, stately woman with slate grey hair in a strict bun walked into the room, closely followed by a younger woman with frizzy, bright red hair and freckles. Adam gave them both a smile and a short wave. He supposed this was the end of the people that could possibly come to the apartment, the entire floor was now in Spencer’s apartment, and they were all women. Adam gave a mental wince at the thought, he didn’t usually deal well with women, despite how alright June might seem.

“Spencer, you didn’t tell us you had a friend over…” The stately woman said, her voice slightly admonishing.

“Adam, this is Mrs. Brenn, and this is-”

“Ella, nice to meet you.” The red-head said as she bounced forward and held out her hand to Adam. He shrank back from her and she seemed to deflate, pouting cutely as she did. Adam gave her a small hesitant smile and took her still proffered hand, shaking it quickly before dropping it.

“You’re nearly as bad as Spencer!” Ella said with a small sigh as she shook her head.

“Um… Sorry?” Adam asked, hoping that Ella was only this… bouncy during the first five minutes of interaction. If not it’d be a long night.

“It’s fine, I’m used to it, of course, because of Spencer. You’re a friend of his, right? It’s super nice to meet you, Spencer never tells us anything about his friends, all we know about is that he has this really cute friend from work that’s come over a few times. Totally smoking, you probably know the one, I mean, being friends with Spencer and all.”

“Umm… I don’t… think so… no…” Adam stuttered to say.

“Anyway, he’s cute, what’s his name, Spencer, Devon?”

“Derek Morgan.”

“Right, Morgan, Reid always just calls him Morgan but I have this kind of sort of friend, but not really, you know those kinds of friends, who’s named Morgan and she’s kind of a bitch sometimes, so I don’t ever think of him as Morgan, does that make sense?” Ella said, her words coming so fast they nearly ran together.

“Ella, darling, you’re going to frighten the poor boy. Hello Adam, it’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m sure.” Mrs. Brenn said with a nod to him. Adam nodded back to her, biting his lip.

“Ella, have I ever told you about my Herbert?” Mrs. Johnson asked as she looked up at Ella with a small smile, squinting at her as well. Adam was beginning to think that that was just how Mrs. Johnson looked at people.

“Some, but I’m always happy to hear more!” Ella said as she plopped down in front of Mrs. Johnson on the floor, looking up at her expectantly. Spencer came to stand next to him.

Mrs. Johnson started talk about her long-dead husband, only to have Ella interrupt with question upon question, and Mrs. Brenn talked to June about Tommy as if he wasn’t even there. Adam was grateful that, a few long minutes after they started chatting, no one had tried to include him in their ongoing conversation thus far, he had a feeling he’d just stutter through an apology for having no idea what was going on. Maybe he could escape to Reid’s room, and just wait until the power came back on.

“Not exactly how you imagined spending time in my apartment, is it?” Spencer muttered quietly into Adam’s ear. Adam shivered as Spencer’s breath ghosted over Adam’s ear and neck.

“Not exactly…”

“Statistically speaking, blackouts in this area only last between twenty and thirty minutes. It’s because the military base is so close by.” Spencer explained.

“Ah… That… makes sense.” Adam nodded, trying to not pay attention to the fact that Spencer’s hand had taken to running up and down his back and the other man was still breathing against Adam’s neck. God, when Spencer had first started flirting with Adam, almost six months to the day after Amanda left, Adam hadn’t known what to do. He’d never thought that Spencer would keep coming to see him after Amanda left, after all, that was all he wanted, to get Adam back in control, and never in his wildest dreams would Spencer flirt with him.

Adam leaned back slightly into Spencer’s roaming hand. Despite their weird start, some days Adam thought that he was one of the luckiest men alive, Spencer was patient, and kind, he never pushed Adam into things he didn’t want to do, which everyone else Adam knew had done to him. He hadn’t left Adam all the times that he was sure someone else would have, when Adam couldn’t do more than kiss Spencer without freaking out Spencer had just told him it was alright and helped him through his issues, when Adam had been awkward and had no idea what to do in practically any situation Spencer had just gave him a quick hug and rolled with the punches, when Adam did any of a hundred things that he mentally berated himself for Spencer just gave him a smile and told him that everything was fine and that he didn’t have to beat himself up over it.

“You know, now I almost wish we would have brought them candles.” Spencer muttered against Adam’s ear before he pulled away his roaming hand and stepped slightly away from Adam only moments before Mrs. Brenn turned to look at them.

Adam laughed quietly, shaking his head as Spencer gave Mrs. Brenn a smile and started talking to her, moving away from Adam in quick steps, drawing Mrs. Brenn’s attention far enough away from Adam that he didn’t have to worry about being added into the conversation. Adam found Spencer’s protective streak his most endearing quality, and Spencer knew that.

“So, Adam, how long have you known Spencer?” June asked as she looked up at Adam.

“Uh… Almost two years.” Adam explained with a shrug.

“Two years, really?”

“Yeah, we met a while back but didn’t see each other for a while. But we see each other all the time now, and that’s all that really matters.” Adam said with a shrug, repeating one of Spencer’s favorite phrases for when Adam was feeling melancholy about all the time they’d wasted being together when Amanda had taken over.

“Aww… That’s cute.” Ella said with a big smile to him before she turned back to Mrs. Johnson who was still rambling about her husband as if she had everyone’s full attention.

“What’s cute?” Adam asked, but Ella wasn’t listening any longer, or chose not to answer. Adam sighed, some days he really didn’t understand women at all, of course, he didn’t understand many men either, just Spencer, not that he minded, really, Spencer was the only person he really wanted to understand.

“What was cute?” Adam asked June. She just smiled and shook her head at him. Adam sighed again, he really didn’t understand women.

“So, you’ve known each other for two years?”

“Yeah, we have. We met when Spencer was in Texas, that’s where I’m from, Texas.”

“Do you live in Texas still?” June asked as she shifted Tommy, now asleep again, in her lap slightly.

“Uh, no, no, I moved up here almost four months ago.” Adam said with a shrug. June gave him a look Adam could only identify as knowing, and nodded.

“But you don’t live here?”

“No, I don’t.” Adam retorted just as the TV turned back on and the room was flooded with light from the lamp that they’d had on before the power went out. Ella jumped up, smiling broadly.

“Finally.” Ella said with a giggle as she twirled. Adam shrunk away from her slightly, biting his lip.

“I’ll see all of you later, I think Tommy needs to be put to bed. Again.” June said with a roll of her eyes as she stood up and walked towards the door. She turned back and gave Adam and then Spencer a large smile. “Thanks for having us.”

“No problem, June. See you later.” Reid said with a smile.

“Nice to meet you, Adam.” June added. Adam gave her a nod and a thank you before she head out of the apartment.

“Bye Adam, bye Spencer!” Ella called as she danced from the room. Adam wondered if she was on some kind of medication, he’d met someone who danced all the time in Texas, after Amanda had left. Maybe he should bring it up with Spencer later.

Mrs. Johnson stood and shuffled towards the door, Mrs. Brenn obviously didn’t feel that she needed to announce her leaving, sweeping out of Spencer’s apartment as if she owned the building. Adam knew she didn’t, he had met the landlady, who was a nice, cheerful woman who had this thing about offering Adam and Spencer cake every time she saw them.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, boys… It was nice to meet you, Sonny.” Mrs. Johnson called as she shuffled from the room.

“Bye Mrs. Johnson.” Spencer called after her before he strode across the room and closed the door. Sighing as he did so.

“Finally?” Adam asked, not knowing if it was appropriate to say so, but feeling relieved that all the women had left.

“Exactly.” Spencer said with a small smile as he walked back over to Adam and wrapped an arm around his waist. Adam leaned slightly into Spencer and gave him a small smile. “Not yet, anyway.” Spencer added.

“What?” Adam asked as he looked up at Spencer. Spencer gave him a quick kiss that left Adam breathless and then gave Adam another smile.

“To June’s question, about you not living here.”

“I don’t think I understand.” Adam said, trying to remember what June had been talking about. It wasn’t easy, Spencer’s body pressed against his and his hands roaming his back, slipping up under his shirt was distracting him.

“June was about to ask why you didn’t live here, with me. And I say that I give it seven months until you do.” Spencer explained with another kiss.

“Wait, you actually think so?” Adam asked, the shock of Spencer’s statement clearing his head. Seven months? Was he really going to be… released? He’d never thought that would be possible, that they would let him go, he assumed that, because of what Amanda did they’d just keep him locked up forever.

And, was Spencer really saying that Adam could live with him? They’d been together for a while, but… But Adam had never thought that he might actually get to live with Spencer, he’d always just assumed that they’d have their time together and then he’d be shipped back to the mental institution the minute anyone thought he might slip. He’d never thought he’d get to stay with Spencer.

“Of course I think so, Adam. You’re doing really well, Amanda hasn’t come out in more than a year, and you don’t hear her, and haven’t since she gave back control. Amanda’s a woman of her word, she said she’d leave and she left.”

“But… Seven months?”

“If you want to, that is.” Spencer added, looking less confident by the moment.

“I can really live with you? All the time?”

“If you want to.”

“No, no, I do, I just… I just thought they’d never let me out, that’s all… Seven months… Wow…” Adam breathed as he wrapped his arms around Spencer’s neck and leaned against his chest.

“Yep, seven months.” Spencer said with a smile as he leaned down and kissed Adam again. Adam heard the TV go off and broke away from the kiss, noting that it was dark again. “Not again…” Spencer said moments before there was a knock at the door.

6 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days later

Adam gave Tommy a small smile when he stopped in the hallway when he saw Adam and Spencer walking up the stairs, each carrying a box. “Hi Spencer, Hi Adam.” Tommy said with a large smile. Adam smiled back, still surprised that no one on the floor seemed to mind Adam’s presence. In fact, ever since that day almost seven months ago when the power had gone out and the entire floor had congregated in Spencer’s apartment the rest of the people on the floor seemed to be trying to add Adam into as many things as they could.

Adam had gotten to have tea with Mrs. Brenn, who actually was really funny once you got to know her, had heard all about Herbert from Mrs. Johnson, and Ella had proven to be fun to hang out with, if a little weird. June had even invited them to Tommy’s birthday party, where Adam had gotten to eat a piece of that cake that Mrs. Caller kept on trying to get Adam and Spencer to eat, which might have been the best cake that Adam had ever eaten.

“Moving in I see.” June said as she walked down the short hallway and gave them both a small smile.

Adam blushed and nodded.

“Well good… You wouldn’t happen to know anything about how to fix a sink, would you?” June asked. Adam laughed.

“I’ll be over once I put this box down.” Adam said with a smile. June nodded and turned to leave before suddenly turning back to him and giving him a warm smile.

“Oh, and Adam…” She said.


“Welcome to the floor. We’ll have a party next week.” June said with a wink and a laugh. Adam smiled and then couldn’t help it as he laughed as well.

He hadn’t understood, before he really met the people on Spencer’s floor, how Spencer had stayed in touch with the people on his floor with his job and his crazy work schedule, but it made sense to Adam now, the same reason why he’d made time every two weeks before Adam had moved to Virginia to go see Adam despite the fact that it was a trek to go see him, and the same reason that he’d gone to JJ’s wedding to Will and Garcia’s wedding to Kevin, even though he hated church, and parties, and dancing, and didn’t really believe in marriage. The same reason every once and a while Jack and Henry would spend time with them, and the same reason that some nights Spencer dropped everything he was doing and rushed over to see Hotch or Emily or Morgan or JJ when they needed to talk to someone and that someone was always him.

Because he loved them.

And Adam was staring to realize that, despite the fact that he knew he’d never really understand all of the women on Spencer’s floor, on their floor. And that they still kind of freaked him out. And that he doubted he’d ever get used to them completely. He’d grown to love them too.
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