Title: The Calm Before the Storm

To: heygirlie

From: imadoctornotalj

Rating: PG

Prompt(s) used: Prompt 3 - Reid visists and manages to talk to Adam

Warnings: None

Author's notes: I left the ending ambiguous on purpose. I tried a bunch of different endings, none of which seemed to really fit, so I think it should be up to the reader to decide what the proper outcome would be in that situation.

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To: talklikelions

Title: Friends banner

To: talklikelions

From: jettakd

Rating: PG

Prompt(s) used: "2nd prompt: friends only banner of Adam's crazy eyes and Reid's intense face. Any of Reid's intense faces. But not many of them. We don't want to give him (any more) complexes, okay?"

Warnings: Erm, blood?

Author's notes: I'll change absolutely anything you want if there is something you don't like about it :)

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To: erikssiren

Title: The 5 Ways the BAU Met Amanda/Adam. (Yes, I know that it’s a crappy title… sorry… but work in progress it was ‘Prompt I’ so…)

To: erikssiren

From: olizashihar

Rating: Um… PG… maybe PG-13 … there’s kissing, and a bar… I kind of suck at rating…

Prompt(s) used: I'd love to see Reid/Amanda/Adam's relationship (be it during the episode or Reid's later visits to Amanda) through a team member's eyes. Bonus points if it's Morgan.

Warnings: Surprisingly, NONE. I was given a ‘no kink’ clause in my prompt-givers squick list and listened 0.0…

Author's notes: Ums… Yeah… so… Instead of doing just Morgan, as I had anticipated doing, and as I had a feeling my prompt-giver wished, Rossi kind of started yelling at me about he would have met Amanda… and then Garcia started complaining… and Hotch had to be all cute about Reid… so I did all of them… Sorry if you didn’t want that, Erikssiren…

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Lift-off in T minus 2 hours.


In 2 (TWO) hours I'll start posting.

I have a couple of things to say:

I'll be nagging the 3 people who haven't sent me their stuff yet, to see how things are going. I fyou don't want to be nagged, nag me first.

Once I post your fic / art, click on the "track this" button in the post.This will take you to a page where you can chose "Notify me everytime someone posts a comment to [name of the post] in cm4_20 by email/inbox/txtlj". This way you will be able get a notification everytime someone leaves you a review. :)

Where we are.

Ok, guys.

I've already received half of the fulfilled prompts, all of them amazing and on time.

The posting starts saturday:

The first work will be posted that day. The following day I'll post a new link to it, reminding everybody to go read, squee and comment. 2 days later, monday, I'll post the 2nd work and the next day a link to it. It will be like that for 20 days until everything is posted. Then, finally, I'll post a master-list.

From then on the comm will be open for anyone to post whatever they wish to post.

Those who haven't sent me their stuff (but you all talked to me about that, so I'm not angry) when do you think you'll send it, so I can get my posting schedule right?

*is busy*

Ok, just sent messages to the three people I haven't heard anything from yet.

The rest of you, those who already sent me your works and those who promised to have it on time (or otherwise worked with me in finding them time) I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!

*hands cookies*


If you still haven't send me your work (or, at least, if you and I haven't talked about it yet) I'll be nagging you everyday starting tomorrow.

Remember you have until Saturday (unless we've agreed otherwise) to send me your stuff at, or things will get ugly!
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